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Jewel is comprised of three-story detached residences, each of which ranges from 4,200-4,500 square feet. The open-concept modern design of each home boasts spacious living areas, indoor and outdoor entertaining areas and the most luxuriously detailed finishes.

Brookfield Residential is widely known as an award-winning community developer, homebuilder and industry leader with an exceptional reputation for quality, design, and customer service. Jewel and Playa Vista are yet more widely-admired communities to which Brookfield Residential can lay claim. 

Robert Hidey Architects' design of Jewel demonstrates a superior level of timeless architecture that reflects trendsetting innovation, while maintaining an authentic community feel. 

Hilton & Hyland, the leading luxury real estate firm of Los Angeles, is excited to be the exclusive listing brokerage. 

The landmark partnership between Brookfield Residential and Hilton & Hyland marks the first between a leading luxury brokerage and a major community builder in Silicon Beach, one of Los Angeles’ best-appreciating markets.